Wednesday, 26 February 2014

KFC | Gainsborough | New Build

The Project

Appointed as Main Contractor by a UK leading KFC franchisee to construct another addition to the largest Quick Service Restaurant chain in the world - KFC, constructing a new KFC and Drive-Thru to an innovative design, in the heart of the redevelopment area of Gainsborough Town Centre

The site occupies the grounds and premise of the old Courthouse on Roseway, and Phase 1 of the works included the Demolition of the Old Courthouse which was a reinforced concrete structure. Phase 1 of the works (demolition) has already been completed by others

Phase 2 of Work involved the construction of a large single story retail unit which will now operate as a KFC with Drive thru. The building was constructed and the building process was managed by using modern methods of construction and it includes a steel frame with King span composite paneling, brick work and feature facetted glazed curtain wall cladding arrangements.
Due to previous demolition works on site foundations are driven concrete piles with reinforced ground beams. Works did also include making a new site entrance and both soft and hard landscaping to follow.
The project commenced August 2013 and was completed February 2014.

The Challenge

Overcoming made ground conditions and hidden RC Concrete underground obstructions as the works progress from the building to externals.

Ensuring the protection and safety of public at all times, as the site was bounded by pedestrian walkways.

Maintaining control of safe traffic management into and off site

Deep Drainage connections into areas of 4 way traffic.

'Finger Lickin Good'
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