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Education Construction | Scunthorpe

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The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Educational Construction project was to create a conference and training facility to the first floor of an existing building. The work consisted of the demolition of a part completed scheme, the installation of new stud walls, ceilings, windows and lift to create office space, toilets, kitchen facilities and a room for training and conferences. In addition to internal work a number of remedial works we’re made to the externals improving the aesthetics of the building.

The Challenge

Working on a very constrained site with limited access for deliveries and parking.

Delivering the project with minimum disruption to neighbours, the general public and staff working on the ground floor.

Ensuring segregation of both the general public and staff from construction work.

Dealing with unforeseen structural problems with the building at the design stage.

The Solution

During the project, a number of chimney stacks we’re found to be unsafe and requiring further support. As the client’s budget was extremely tight, first rate communication between Pacy & Wheatley Construction and the structural engineers was required to achieve our goal within budget. To minimise disruption to neighbouring businesses deliveries were arranged at off peak times. This guaranteed efficient progress of the project, whilst ensuring the satisfaction of North Lincolnshire Homes’ neighbours.

To ensure the safety of both North Lincolnshire Home’s staff and the general public, fencing was erected to provide good segregation. Daily communication between Pacy & Wheatley and North Lincolnshire Homes throughout the project guaranteed the safety of all parties during our works.

Key Achievements

The project was delivered within an extremely tight budget, to the client’s full satisfaction.

Carried out with the minimum disruption to staff occupying the building throughout the duration of the project.

Excellent site management resulted in providing an outstanding finished product.

The successful installation of a lift within the constraints of the existing building.


Pacy and Wheatley Construction carried out the works in a professional manner and with minimal disturbance to the ground floor premises, which were occupied throughout the contract. Additional works that were required to deal with unforeseen structural issues were dealt with promptly and economically. The additional works required an extension of time which was amicably agreed and the project was completed on time and within budget.
Hugh Ashby, Architect, John Hill Associates.

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