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Pacy & Wheatley | Design and Build in Derbyshire

Design and Build in Derbyshire

  • Client:
    Paragon Healthcare
  • Sector:
    Healthcare/design and build.
  • Type:
    Design and Build
  • Procurement Method:
  • Location:
  • Project Value:

Project Description
Pacy and Wheatley Construction were commissioned on a design and build basis to construct and fit out a timber framed project based on Moorfield Avenue within the historic town of Bolsover, Derbyshire. The facility was 2 storeys and was to have 11 bedrooms with lounges and dining and activity rooms for a high level of care and comfort for its residents. The property had a large rear garden which was to be landscaped to ensure the residents has spacious areas to relax in the beautiful surroundings; the project was to be completed within 24 weeks for the client.

The Challenge
Design co-ordination to ensure the 24-week program was achievable through the design teams finding, we decided that the ground was currently not suitable and require vibropiling which was the chosen method to stabilise this with no effect to adjacent shop and neighbouring properties in close proximity.
The H&S actions required assessment to ensure the public using the pathways to the local school and shop and the neighbourhood residents were as un affect as possible by the works.
Due to the timber framed structure and the low-level area these had to be programmed very carefully as the building could not become water tight until the main roof was complete and scaffold was removed, this could easily cause difficulty with water damage within he timber frame elements of the build.
Long lead time items and services needed constant liaison to ensure the 24 weeks allocated time.
To program the fast track timber frame construction scheme together with sub-contractors to achieve the goal.
Achieve zero incidents throughout the build of the facility whilst works were carried out.
Pulling together the best supply chain to ensure total teak work.
Maintain and build on repeat business client to maintain this to the next project.

Conform to CSCI standards.

The Solution
The design team assembled at an early time with contract programmes schedules meeting through this period to ensure the design was buildable and suitable for the client’s needs/requirements.
Vibration monitoring  was utilise to all sides of the property to ensure the shops and other building were not affected
Liaison with neighbours prior to commencement was paramount to ensure continual awareness of the sites presence and task ahead.
The roof was placed which allowed the scaffold to penetrate the low level roof and allowed access to the main roof and gable wall, this was felted and passed under the scaffold upon the main roof completion, this was removed and the roof completed to ensure internal trades could continue.
Health and safety paramount site compound secured with security fencing to ensure no entry to unauthorised persons.
Co-ordinated throughout by ourselves to ensure passing of lengthy lead time information and processing of order within the early design schedule.
In house staff utilised for the project that have a good knowledge of the company and procedures required.
Ensure as much of the underground works were complete to gain time at the rear of the program to ensure a quality project delivery.
Ensure the timer frame design was erected and closed in to any elements as soon as possible to ensure works could continue internally.
The facility opened upon time as we achieved routed into the building which was complete.
Team meetings with supply chain to discuss any areas of slight failings and areas improvement could be made.

Key Achievements
Due to the teams, standard snagging routine we handed over the project with effects.
Completion of a large project on time and to budget with minimal disruption to public and neighbouring properties owners
Revitalised a waste land position into a fantastic looking facility which benefits all the neighbourhood.
Positive comments from all involved
The new fantastic home created achievement knowing Pacy and Wheatley was part of helping to provide someone less fortunate to have a new home
Management process with full cooperation of supply chain achieved zero accidents/near misses.

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