Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hull Care Home | Case Study

The Project

Pacy and WheatleyNational Healthcare Construction Company, were delighted to have been awarded the Magdalen Park Care Home construction project, for YorKare Homes, in Hedon Hull. It is our largest new build nursing home which opened on the 1st September 2014 with a build cost of £3.4 million. The home can accommodate up to 64 residents needing nursing, residential or specialist dementia care.
The ground floor is split into two units of 12 beds with their own sensory gardens with model animals and an allotment, dining rooms and lounge areas. In-between the two units is the 'street scene' which includes a shop named Sweets and Treats, a hair and beauty salon and a pub - The Magdalen Arms.
The first and second floors are for residents needing residential or nursing care. This area includes a large lounge with a library and computer station, entertainment room, Roof top conservatory and dining room. Both the first floor and second floor have outdoor areas, the first with a terrace off the lounge and the second floor having a rooftop garden including an artificial bowls green.
All of the bedrooms are large with full ensuite wet rooms. There are also 2 premier suites specially designed for couples or siblings with their own kitchenettes and living areas, but these can be used individually also. These create a very independent lifestyle and really are a home within a home.

The Challenge

Plan Of New Builds
To produce a first class product for a valued client and to complete the project on time and to budget.
Dealing with a high water table site to install a 1000m3 attenuation tank.
To Ensure minimum disruption to the local village of Hedon for both business’ and neighbours.
To achieve timely CQC certification.

The Solution

Utilizing competent in house staff and a key supply chain members for the project.
Due to the initial inclement weather conditions, Groundwork’s and drainage were accelerated to alleviate further Groundwater issues.
Projected delivery assisted by the use of Local Labour, Suppliers and Subcontractors.
Sub Contract Collaboration meetings were vital at finishing stage.

Key Achievements

Building Construction
Our 1st Rooftop Bowling Green and Terrace Garden.
Establishing early relationships.
Working with the client and the team to deliver a project that looked and felt a great place for the residents to enjoy.
CQC inspection and certification achieved within 2 days of Handover.

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